August 10th, 2013


DM can stand for Direct Messages in Twitter or the Daily Mail out there in the big bad world. I don’t read either, and all my friends know that I never read British newspapers of any kind.

Nonetheless there are always those that like to sympathise: today I’ve had plenty of, “Ooh you seem to have…

July 25th, 2013
This really made me smile!! lol

This really made me smile!! lol

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July 17th, 2013

Equal Marriage For Same Sex Couples Is Now Law!!!

Wow!! Incredible!! Amazing!! Fabulous!! Shockingly Brilliant! What a roller-coaster it has been this past month!!

At 3.06pm today it became law that same-sex couples could marry!! How I do feel? Slightly numb at the moment. Not completely sunk in! It’s taken so long to get here and yet it hasn’t take long either. Once that ball started to roll there was no stopping it. Once the Bill started going through the Commons, that was it!!!

The Conservative Government first stated they supported same-sex marriage back in 2011 and stated they would pass it as law before the next election in 2015 and they have!!! This simple equality has taken about 20 years to pull together.  20 long years fighting and campaigning  for what should be simple and wasn’t.

Though the battle want end here really. Look at women’s rights. WE have it in law about equal pay, but it’s well known that many women are still paid less than their male counterparts.

But it has to be said, this new law is one that, unlike equal pay, cannot be hidden and ignored by those who disagree with it. We can still marry, no matter what. But we will always come face to face with homophobic behaviour. That, at least for now, will always be there. But THIS now gives us a better and equal footing with our straight family and friends.

So right now I am going to bask in the rays of equality and celebrate something that many thought would never happen!!

Below are some choice links to some of the best places about this incredible new law that WILL change all our lives!!!

Pinknews The Royal Assent

The Daily Mail (I cannot believe I am posting this! lol)

The BBC News

A Guide To the History of Equal Marriage by Pinknews

Government - Same sex marriage becomes law

May 23rd, 2013
April 9th, 2013

John Barrowman Ad for Irn-Bru (by vhsvillage)

Sharing this because A: He’s gay gay gay!!! and be he’s funny funny funny!!!

April 4th, 2013

In a humorous talk with an urgent message, LZ Granderson points out the absurdity in the idea that there’s a “gay lifestyle,” much less a “gay agenda.”

March 27th, 2013
Enough said!

Enough said!

This is my own creation for Marriage Equality! I created it in Paint in Vista! Normally I’d have used Paint Shop Pro, but we had a laptop meltdown last week and we haven’t got it back on yet! lol
Here are some of Queerty’s favourites!!

This is my own creation for Marriage Equality! I created it in Paint in Vista! Normally I’d have used Paint Shop Pro, but we had a laptop meltdown last week and we haven’t got it back on yet! lol

Here are some of Queerty’s favourites!!

March 21st, 2013
I love Ab Fab and I love Joanna Lumley…she’s one sexy lady!
Yep I had a thing for Purdy in the 70s! lol


Curse you, daylight savings time!

I love Ab Fab and I love Joanna Lumley…she’s one sexy lady!

Yep I had a thing for Purdy in the 70s! lol


Curse you, daylight savings time!

March 6th, 2013

Lesbian Hair?!


Lesbian hair…What is that exactly? Does anyone know? As a lesbian myself it is something that has, for a very long time, confused me. Apparently lesbians have short hair! Really? Oh……kaaay!

Now please correct me if I am at all wrong. But don’t straight women ALSO wear their hair short? Or are they all just closet lesbians?  For me, over the years, my hair has either been long or short. And I have always been gay. I didn’t wake up one day and say “from this day forth I shall be a lesbian” and had all my hair chopped off…that is both untrue (as nobody wakes up and decides to be gay) and also extremely stupid! Yes shocking as it may seem to the bigoted heterosexual out there, I have always been gay and my hair never once reflected that. My hair is short because, much like the music I listen too or the food I like, it’s what I prefer and it’s just me….and please don’t ask about the music…!

I did, as a child, strive to have short hair. But that was more the rebel in me than the  gay girlie. My parents preferred girls to have long hair. But at the tender age of four I rebelled against this and took matters, and a pair of scissors , into my own hands! I got up early and headed to the kitchen with a plan. That being to rebel and cut my hair. I grabbed a chair and dragged it to the sink. Then found some scissors. Climbed on the chair and started to hack the left side off….queue mum! I hear her and start to stuff the evidence down the plug whole, like many four year olds would, in a pathetic, and dare I add, vane attempt to hide the evidence. Remember I said I hacked off the left hand side? Mum looked perplexed, what a great word, and proceeded to finish the job and attempted to make it look…errrm….better, I know I keep saying, but I was only four!

Enter my father. He didn’t look perplexed, sorry had to use it again. No he looked as if he may explode. All he sees is mum attempting to make my hair look something like decent and not as if a 4 year old had hacked it, I mean, cut it! Mum then went into explanation mode whilst sorting said hair! I didn’t make myself bold, thank goodness. But I had cut it just below my left ear in a more or less straight line. I do hasten to add that I was 16 before I was allowed to get it cut again!

 Now in between the start of my little tail of ‘Hair Gate’ and now, I stopped for a coffee break. I was in a coffee shop in town when I started to write this and felt the need to go online and check what was happening in the world of Facebook and I posted that I was having a coffee whilst making a start on a new blog entry and that the subject was ‘Lesbian Hair.’ Not too long later I found comments saying “What is lesbian hair?” And this came from both gay and straight women….So now I find myself back where I started. What the hell is Lesbian Hair?

Now in my opinion this is mostly the creation of the media who’s only perception of anything gay is that of stereo types. Butch gay women and effeminate gay men! And yet when it comes even to the effeminate gay man, I’ve never seen them in pigtails. That’s not to say there isn’t a guy somewhere in the world who is gay with pigtails. Heck my ancestors were big hairy Viking’s, with pigtails and non-horny helmets raping and pillaging the British shores, looking like rejects from Thor! (come to think of it..I bet some of them were gay). Not that I’d hold that against them, nor would I hold it against any gay man who chooses to wear his long locks in pigtails. I think the key word there is ‘choose.’

 We may not be able to choose our sexuality (yes I know it’s shocking, but it’s true…I didn’t choose this), but we can sure as hell choose how we wear our hair. And just like straight women, some of us have short hair and some of us have long hair…even daring to wear pigtails ( I was one of those brave gay girlies).  Yes there are those ladies, who identify with butch, who are happier to dress like guys and wear their hair in a way that befits their style of dress and like the rest of us, it’s their choice. But I have seen straight women who dress the same, it’s not always a ‘gay thing’. And then you have the like’s of  the ‘Sue Perkins’ of this world who’s style is that of  boyish and not butch. We ‘Perkinettes’ wear boyish clothing, but still wear make-up etc and still want to look like women. And our ‘lesbian hair’, though short, is of a feminine cut. But equally you will see lesbian women who will be completely mistaken for a straight girl because she looks too girly! Long flowing ‘lesbian hair’ plus the pretty dress etc…though she may still wear jeans.

 Hold on, some of this is heading to a previous post about stereo types again! Let’s face that’s what tends to happen. Not matter what we talk about with regards to people’s perception of gay men and women, it always get’s back down to that……stereo types.